Hope Center Project

Affordable Housing for Homeless Adults


A partnership opportunity to end homelessness and suffering in Prince William County


During the latest PWC “Point in Time”count, it was discovered that there are 52 homeless campsites in Prince William County and many more in the surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. Some of these campsites have as many as 50 tents. Many of the people living in these tents are medically fragile, suffer from mental and emotional disorders, are undereducated and lack social skills and job skills necessary to cope in today’s society.

In Prince William County, shelter beds are severely inadequate to meet the needs of the homeless. There are only a total of 150 beds in area shelters, 47 of which are not available from November 1st – March 31st. On any given night, hundreds of people may be left to sleep in their cars, wander the streets, or to camp out in the woods. Furthermore, year-round, 24/7 emergency shelter is non-existent in Prince William County for homeless adults without children. Preference is almost always given at existing shelters to families with children, leaving homeless adults out in the cold. As a consequence, during the last ten years, over 34 homeless men and women have died prematurely due to the harsh, inhumane environment in which they were forced to live.

The Solution

To meet these needs in a more holistic way, StreetLight is now looking for funds to build a Center of Hope, to provide permanent supportive housing for homeless adults who typically cannot receive admittance to existing shelters. The purpose of this center is to provide desperately needed permanent supportive housing with wrap around case management services for homeless adults and families who cannot get into existing shelters in our area.

  • private efficiency apartments
  • wrap around case management services
  • a community center to provide meals/social events
  • life skills classes
  • budgeting classes
  • recovery programs
  • job readiness program/temp agency on site
  • nurses station on site
  • food pantry and clothing closet

This model would offer a holistic approach, offering sanctuary, hope and a myriad of supportive services that would address homelessness at all levels under one roof.



Your Opportunity

StreetLight is looking for partners who will join together to raise awareness and financial support to make the Hope Center a reality. We are asking you to consider partnering with StreetLight to make this dream a reality.

The Board and staff at StreetLight are very excited and aware that building this center is an enormous step of faith financially. We believe and trust God that this is His vision and that He will provide the resources needed. We are also very grateful for your prayers and generous support. Please consider partnering with StreetLight to help build Hope Center. (Donate feature)