Did You Know?


  • According to 2015 Point in Time Count, there are 409 homeless persons living in PWC.
  • There are 52 campsites in Prince William County (PWC), VA
  • Approximately 30% of the unsheltered homeless population are medically fragile.  These are homeless people suffering from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart failure and kidney failure.
  • 30% of unsheltered homeless are employed.
  • Only 139 year-round emergency shelter beds in PWC.  Of these emergency shelter beds, 47  are Thermal Shelter beds which are available only during the winter months (Nov. 1Mar. 31st).
  • StreetLight has worked with the “chronically homeless” (sometimes referred to as the “Unsheltered homeless” for over 20 years. During this time,  we have personally known over 25 homeless people who died prematurely due to exposure, having been hit by a car crossing the streets, inability to access critically needed medical services, and assault.
  • StreetLight currently provides permanent supported housing with supportive services (including in-home respite care) for 27 homeless adults in scattered site housing.
  • StreetLight is the only non-profit agency in Prince William County that provides in-home respite care for Medically Fragile clients.