About Us


StreetLight Community Outreach Ministries is a nonprofit organization 501(c) 3 that was established in 2004 to alleviate suffering among the poor and homeless in Prince William County and the surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. We believe that everyone has intrinsic value and we are committed to helping each individual who comes through our door to rise above their present challenges to achieve independence and personal success. Staff and volunteer mentors are committed to building relationship with clients which we believe is key to effecting positive change in people’s lives.


StreetLight has two primary goals:  to feed the hungry and house the homeless.  StreetLight accomplishes these goals through our Supportive Housing ProgramHomeless Prevention Program, weekly Community Outreach Dinner to the Homeless, Food Pantry and Clothing Closet and Homeless Campsite Outreach.


  • StreetLight’s professional ministry team is committed to providing holistic programs in an atmosphere that offers dignity and Christ-like love. We work to promote a renewed sense of well-being and restoration among our patrons.
  • We believe that building relationship with our clients is key to effecting change in their lives. Through our mentorship program, we facilitate personal growth, spiritual renewal, independence, and integration into a healthy community.
  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith. No one is required to listen to our message of faith to receive our services.


sanctuary-300x214 Our mission is to build strong community by improving the quality of life for impoverished men, women and children, including the “chronically homeless.” Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith, race or nationality. We serve our clientele in a compassionate and caring environment that offers dignity, acceptance and Christ-like love. We facilitate personal growth, spiritual renewal, independence and integration into a healthy community.


friendship-300x214We believe that God has called us to minister to the lost, the sick, the oppressed, the poor, and the homeless. Our membership includes trained counselors, professionals, and people who come and just spend time having dinner with our guests. If you want to make a difference, you may be surprised to find out how easy it is for you to contribute with us. Click here to ask us for information on how you can help. Streetlight has united with many local churches and organizations to best use resources to serve those who need our help. Just a few of the organizations that participate:

  • All Saints Church
  • Arms Outstretched Ministries
  • Calling All Souls Ministry
  • Christ Chapel (CRMC)
  • Crossroads Presbyterian
  • First Mount Zion Baptist
  • Grace Church
  • Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • Mount Zion Baptist Church
  • New Hope Church
  • New Life Anointed Ministries
  • Open Heart Community Church
  • Pathway Vineyard Church
  • Reconciliation Community Church


CFC # IS 89844